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BALLISTOL is an all-in-one multi-purpose oil that cleans, lubricates and protects plastic, rubber, wood, metal and smooth leather. It’s anti-corrosive properties prevent rust and neutralize acid from fingerprints. What’s more, it lubricates like no other multi-purpose oil and is skin-safe, eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic. That’s why BALLISTOL is the ideal multi-tasking tool for woodworking, DIY, firearm care, gardening, auto maintenance, boat care and fishing. For over a hundred years, it’s been the go to solution for mechanics, electricians, plumbers, hunters, shooters and soldiers.

  • Metal:

    Protects and rejuvenates metal surfaces while preventing corrosion. Cleans and shines silver and brass. Loosens rusty bolts, fixes stuck locks silences squeaky hinges. Perfect for metal tool maintenance. BALLISTOL’s thin protective alkaline film coats metal surfaces, neutralizes hand sweat and other acid corrosive residues. Possessing an extremely low surface tension, BALLISTOL can seep into the tiniest cracks and fissures of metal surfaces protecting them from both corrosion and friction.

  • Leather:

    Preserves, protects and restores smooth leather making it resistant to water, insects and fungi. It neutralizes tannic acid while restoring dull, dry leather to its natural luster and suppleness – all without leaving a greasy film. The BALLISTOL smell will dissipate quickly and become completely odorless. Perfect for baseball mitts, gloves, saddles, leather furniture, boots, belts, etc. May make lighter leathers darker. DO NOT USE ON SUEDE LEATHER.

  • Wood:

    Brings dull wood back to life while defending it against humidity and insects. BALLISTOL cleans, rejuvenates, protects and preserves natural wood. It’s ideal for woodworking and maintaining antique furniture, firearm stocks and forearms.

  • Plastic & Rubber:

    BALLISTOL revives oil resistant synthetic surfaces without leaving a greasy residue. It helps maintain elasticity and prevents plastic and rubber from drying out. Perfect for maintaining rubber window and door seals on cars, synthetic gun stocks and even old gramophone records. DO NOT USE ON COMPACT DISCS.

  • Firearms:

    Cleans, lubricates, protects and preserves metal, wooden and composite firearm surfaces. It also neutralizes and dissolves black powder and corrosive ammo residue. It literally melts carbon deposits in the chamber and barrel. Due to its antioxidants, BALLISTOL will never harden or gum up, retaining its lubricity over extended exposures.

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