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Work smarter, not harder! OMRI listed, Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix is a complex “Super Soil” designed for high performance growing in containers and large pots.  It is for all growers who want a rich, ready-to-use, seed-to-harvest mix. Packed with nutrients and formulated with amendments known to boost budding, blooming and root development, this mix can sustain plants for a full growing season and will give you tremendous results. Formulated from natural ingredients to provide an ideal balance between water retention, soil texture, drainage and aeration in a consistent growing medium. Made with: mycorrhizal fungi, kelp meal, fish bone meal, lobster compost, worm castings, alfalfa meal, perlite, dehydrated hen manure, coir.  When growing in 15 gallon containers,  there is no need for additional nutrients. Just add water! 

  • OMRI Listed for Organic Use
  • Living "super soil" perfect for all potted and container gardens
  • Packed with nutrition, this rich, ready-to-use seed-to-harvest mix contains everything your plants need with no additional mixing or recipe needed
  • Great for growing tomatoes and other high performance, organic crops.

USES:  For growing in containers and large pots.  Grows the most amazing tomatoes & vegetables!

Stonington Ingredients:

Mycorrhizal Fungi
Mycorrhiza are naturally occurring fungi in the soil. They form symbiotic relationships with plant roots and allow plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil. They also increase plant tolerance to different environmental stresses, and stimulate microbial activity in the soil.
Kelp Meal
Kelp absorbs nutrients from the ocean and contains many minerals and trace elements. It also contains natural compounds that increase stress tolerance and typically promote root growth.
Fish Bone Meal:
Fish Bone Meal provides a wonderful source of organic phosphorous and calcium, essential nutrients for healthy roots, buds and blooms.
Lobster Compost:
An organic, living compost that’s naturally rich in amino acids, calcium and chitin – a naturally occurring polymer contained in lobster shells.
Alfalfa Meal:
Microorganisms in the soil love alfalfa because of the protein, amino acids, fiber and sugars it contains. Alfalfa stimulates plant growth, controls harmful nematodes, and provides drought resistance.
Worm Castings:
Worm castings are a slow release organic fertilizer. They also contain enzymes and other metabolites.
The porous surface of perlite provides room for air and water, boosting root aeration which allows for healthy root development.
Dehydrated Hen Manure:
An organic source of plant ready nutrition, providing just enough nitrogen for vegetative growth without over-fertilizing.
Coir is a great natural wetting agent, allowing you to water less – which decreases runoff and nutrient leaching.

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