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Get the buck-attracting power of pure doe estrous urine in a thick gel formula that resists evaporation, freezing and washing away.

When you're looking to draw in rutting bucks with the irresistible scent of a doe in heat that won't quit, Code Blue's™ Pure Estrous Urine Gel is the ticket. Featuring a viscous honey-like consistency, this long-lasting gel formula goes on thick and stays on, providing effective coverage on tree branches, drag rags and anywhere else you want trophy bucks to catch a whiff. As always, Code Blue's™ proprietary From One Deer to One Bottle® process promises that this product contains estrous urine collected from one deer, for maximum true-to-life effectiveness.


  • Gel made from pure estrous urine collected from a single doe in heat 
  • Attracts rutting bucks while staying on through heat, snow and rain
  • Easy-to-use dauber applicator prevents human-odor contamination
  • From One Deer to One Bottle® collection guarantees every bottle contains urine from one deer 
  • Amber glass bottle locks in freshness and potency and is labeled with the deer’s unique registration number

Code Blue is a proud member of the Responsible Hunting Scent Association’s Deer Protection Program (RHSA DPP) and fully committed to taking proactive steps to limit the potential of contributing to the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). For more information about the program, visit


  • All weather, non freezing, easy-to-use gel
  • Each bottle is equipped with a unique swab applicator that allows hunters to apply without contaminating with human odor.
  • Apply to limbs, overhanging scrapes, and rubs near your stand.
  • Seasonal Use:  Mid, Late
  • 2 oz. bottle

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