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Doe estrous fuels deer season. It's the reason for the rut. Use it to your advantage, shake Grave Digger™ Doe Estrous onto scrapes for a powerful message bucks can't miss. Every bottle of Grave Digger™ Doe Estrous contains soil impregnated with Code Blue's™ unique From One Deer to One Bottle® doe estrous formula. Treat a scrape, or mock scrape for up to 30 days of time-release buck enticement. Grave Digger™ Doe Estrous stays effective in freezing temps and is ATA certified.

  • Just shake it on to make scrapes, and mock scrapes, powerful attractants to a buck
  • Composed of soil that has been treated with actual Code Blue™ Doe Estrous
  • Enticing doe-in-heat scent uses Code Blue’s™ From One Deer to One Bottle® doe estrous formula 
  • Eliminates the need to re-visit scrape because time-release scent remains potent for up to 30 days
  • Effective in freezing conditions commonly experienced during the rut


  • Using the heel of your boot, dig a small hole in the middle of the scrape
  • Pour approximately 3/4 of Grave Digger directly into the hole and pack firmly with boot.
  • Pour the remaining Grave Digger on top, this allows an immediate odor to be emitted.
  • Seasonal Use:  Mid, Late
  • 12 oz. bottle

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