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  • 1 EarthBox Original Gardening Box
  • 1 Aeration Screen
  • 1 Water Fill Tube
  • 2 Black & White Reversible Mulch Covers

Original Planting Box Features:

  • Award-winning, maintenance-free container gardening system
  • Bigger yields than traditional in-ground or raised bed gardens
  • Great for growing just about anything
  • No weeding, digging, or worrying about overwatering
  • Controls soil conditions and eliminates guesswork
  • Sustainable and can be used year after year
  • Grow anywhere – on balconies, porches, rooftops, or even indoors
  • Optional casters help you move your container garden
  • Build your own EarthBox Container Gardening System, EarthBox Garden Kit, or EarthBox Ready-To-Grow Kit

Our Boxes for Gardening Make Growing Easy

The EarthBox® Original planting box and system are designed to make starting your container garden easy. It doesn't matter if you’re an experienced gardener or a novice looking to grow your first tomato plants. You'll get the kind of results guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And fresh produce on your table.

Our boxes for gardening let you grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in the smallest of spaces. Imagine, you’ll no longer be limited by access to in-ground space or raised bed. Instead, you can use our planting boxes anywhere: balconies, patios, porches, and rooftops. You even have the option of using them as indoor or outdoor planters.

Our Planting Boxes Put You in Control

Most importantly, we remove the guesswork from box gardening. Our sub-irrigated planters (SIP) ensure you don’t overwater or underwater your plants. The fill tube lets you add water to the reservoir where plant roots will access it as needed.

In addition, our planter boxes give you control over variables like soil, fertilizer, weeds, and watering. As a result, all you’ll see are healthy, fast-growing plants that produce quality yields.

Our Container Gardens Ensure Your Success

More people are turning to box gardening to grow their food. But it’s not as simple as buying a planting box, adding soil, and watching your plants grow. That’s where our growing system makes the difference.

Commercial farmers and laboratory testing back its performance. It uses growing techniques used successfully by commercial farmers for years. We've taken those concepts and applied them to box gardening.

And after nearly 30 years of use by consumers, we know they work. We’re so confident in our planting boxes and container gardening system that we have a satisfaction guarantee.


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